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Tech Fest Live

Khalil Vinson of Tech Fest Live seeks the re-design of the event website, https://techfestlive.comto be more a more corporate friendly site for his sponsors and funders, while still being a modern representation of the latest technologies as well as representative of the youth his organization serves.



Mr. Vinson is looking to have a more appealing site for corporate sponsors corporate sponsors and donors. He would also prefer to not have to use a third party site to take payments, but use to provide all the info visitors need, as well as take payments. 



Phase I - Website Design Strategy and Research:
During this phase, Creative Call Marketing will come up with 3 to 4 completely different site design concepts. We will utilize InDesign/Photoshop software to model 3 to 4 design concepts, as needed, to provide the client with the best overall design possible. All designs will be responsive to maximize the user's experience on mobile devices. Then you'll be invited to an online meeting where we will explore each of them with you. At that point, we'll decide which direction to go in, make any final adjustments, and look to have that signed off by
3 days after the quote is approved.

Phase II Website Development
Integral to the success of will be the design process and creating a professional face for the redesigned site. The site must be dynamic, futuristic, and friendly. It will demonstrate academic and techy qualities in a way that is entertaining and easy for the user to access and navigate. To that end, Creative Call Marketing will work closely with the client to create a design that meets with his approval. Certain key design features will be built into the overall design, and each will need to be approved by the client before the final design is accepted. Those features are:

  • Navigation: It is particularly essential to create a navigational system that is available on every page, maintains the overall feel of the site while making the site intuitive and easy to locate data and information.
  • Colors: The design will be built around a coordinated color palette that will provide a high-tech and engaging look as determined by Mr. Vinson while maintaining the cohesiveness of the website.
  • Fonts: The fonts' family, size, and color combinations to maintain a professional and cohesive feel.
  • Images: Photos, graphics, and individual photos will be submitted by the client and may be modified in the appropriate software to meet the overall design requirements of the site. All photos/graphics must be supplied by Mr. Vinson or stock photos without copyright protection can be used.
  • Layout: The design must take into account the content that will appear on the site to ensure its seamless look and feel and readability. Certain elements will need to be highlighted more so than others, so Creative Call Marketing will work with the client to determine what the best layout should be.
  • Overall: Once all the elements are pulled together, the client will determine if the design meets his needs.
     21 days after the quote is approved.Phase III Site Test, Training, and Launch
    Creative Call Marketing will test the page template type for functionality, accessibility, and browser compatibility for all text and graphics.
    The site owner, Mr. Vinson will be provided with at least 1 hour of hands-on training to make sure he can access, delete, add and modify content to the site. Mr. Vinson will be provided access to the final site and all documentation for review, testing, and approval. 30 days after the quote is approved.



This schedule shows the significant tasks that will need to be completed during the life of the project. Individual tasks may be added, deleted, or moved as required to meet the demands of the design. The times listed below are estimates. The final project scope and timeline will be communicated following the project agreement.

Phase I: Strategy & Concept Development

Project launch Friday, Jun 7
Begin work on the site design with the client Friday, Jun 7
Any Content / Images (photos/logos/etc.) delivered to Creative Call Marketing Friday, Jun 7
Creative brief delivered to Mr. Vinson  – 3-4 Design themes Tuesday, Jun 11
The design concept is chosen by Mr. Vinson (with comments) Thursday, Jun 13
Final design submission and Mr. Vinson gives approval Thursday, Jun 13

 Phase II: Web Site Design & Development

Theme Installation and/or Creation Mon, June 17
Site Customization & Configuration Begins Mon, June 17
Site Redesign Complete Mon, July 1
Final Redesign approved by Mr. Vinson Tue, July 2

Phase III: Production Management & Implementation

Beta testing of the website begins Fri, July 5
Final site launches Tue, July 9
Website Training for client Tue, July 9


It's important to realize that the website for your company/brand is a substantial investment. But it's an investment with big rewards: the 'X factor' of a fresh, engaging website is what many companies need to progress to the next level.


You have the right to terminate this agreement if we fail to complete the website within 30 days of the signing of this agreement or if illness, injury, or an event beyond our control causes a delay of more than 30 days from the agreed delivery date. If terminated due to failure to complete the website, we will return the full deposited amount to create the website design. 


If you would like to join us and become a client, then we would be delighted to have you aboard. 

1. Approve the quote and pay the invoiced amount.
2. We'll arrange the Discovery Online Meeting.
3. You'll receive login details to your client area to view and approve mockups.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
2 Website Design Strategy Consultation

🔸Includes project research, development & management
🔸Includes research and mockup of 3 or 4 design themes
🔸Includes .5 hours of discovery call consult
🔸Includes .5 hours of review and revision consult

10 Website Advanced Editing & Customization

🔸 Includes theme installation
🔸 Includes theme customization
🔸 Includes plugin research
🔸 Includes plugin development and/or installations
🔸 Includes plugin customization
🔸 Includes custom coding
🔸 Includes SSL configuration
🔸 Includes content creation
🔸 Includes payment gateway configuration
🔸 Includes 1 hour of review and revision consult

2 Website Design Training, Testing & Launch

🔸 Includes preparation of training, testing, and documentation materials
🔸 Includes .5 hours of website training and overview consult

3 Revisions

🔸 Up to 3 Revisions are included with the package

1 Client Discount

Creative Call Current Client Discount

Sub Total $950.00
Tax $86.63
Discount -$86.63
Total $950.00

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